Mammoth Bar Motocross Track and Trail Update (January 2018)

Posted 01/22/2018 12:27 AM

Mammoth Bar Motocross Track and Trails Update (January 2018) The Mammoth Bar Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) area within Auburn State Recreation Area continues to be closed to OHV use. Heavy rains and flooding shut down the area one year ago in early January 2017. Since then, State Parks along with partner agencies and stakeholder groups have been developing a range of options for the future of the Motocross Track (MX Track) and a plan to reopen the trail system.

Last February, approximately 15 percent of the Motocross Track was washed away by high flows from the Middle Fork of the American River. When the high waters receded, State Parks conducted an initial conditions analysis of the trails, worked with FEMA and Cal OES representatives, and received assistance from the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division. Partnering with a specialist from the California Geological Survey, a drone survey was conducted in order to topographically map the area. This data was used to provide a range of options for rebuilding the MX Track.

 Auburn State Recreation Area Sector Superintendent Mike Howard recently convened the Mammoth Bar Task Force to discuss the future of the MX Track and surrounding area. The Task Force includes representatives from the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), the Sierra Club, the Mammoth Bar Riders Association, Friends of the River, the OHMVR Division, and the US Bureau of Reclamation.

The Task Force is analyzing future actions related to the 2017 flood events, which include mitigating public safety hazards created by the flood and four options for rebuilding the MX track. These options range from taking no action to four alternatives for rebuilding the MX Track.State Parks is concurrently working with the OHMVR Division on a project to reopen the following trails: River Bar, Stonewall, Rocky, Ranch, Hillside, Squaw Flat, Castle Rock and the 90cc Kids Track. To better facilitate movement throughout the area, the Squaw Flat Trail will be changed from a one way trail to a two way trail. At this time, there is no projected date for reopening. Updates will be posted to the Mammoth Bar OHV web site.